Alameda County Youth Venture Joint Powers Authority Hires a New CEO


The Marcus Foster Education Institute, the administrator of the Youth Venture Joint Powers Authority (JPA), is pleased to announce the selection of Kathleen Harris as the JPA’s new Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Harris previously served with Great Oakland Public Schools Leadership Center and the Marin Community Foundation and, according to Lori Cox, JPA Co-Chair and Alameda County Department of Social Services Chief Administrator, “brings an impressive array of skills needed to leverage and maximize the potential impact of the JPA’s work.”

The work of the JPA going forward entails the use of common measures of success that each of the public agencies will agree upon to create linkages and mutual accountability within those agencies to realize positive outcomes for children. Ms. Harris is convinced that this approach will ensure that the JPA will continue to have “a central role in creating the life outcomes we want for our children: a long and healthy life; access to knowledge from their early years through adulthood; and, a good standard of living.”

The JPA is recognized throughout the country for its leadership and work with low-income youth to improve educational and life opportunities. Many in the community may be familiar with the award-winning work of Safe Passages, the former JPA administrator. Programs of the JPA are now administered by the Marcus Foster Education Institute.