Join Us! All Aboard Oakland: Laying the Tracks for College

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When: Wednesday, August 12th, 8:30am-12:30pm (8:00am registration)

8:30am – 10:00am Breakfast for Scholarship Recipients
10:00am – 12:30pm Laying the Tracks to College Workshops (for students & mandatory for scholarship receipients)

Who: Community members, scholarship donors, and students are welcome to join! Scholarship recipients from the Marcus Foster Education Institute (MFEI) are required to attend.

What: Please join us in celebrating our 2015 OUSD graduates at this year’s event, “All Aboard Oakland—Laying the Tracks to College.”

We are hosting a community networking breakfast for students, donors and community members to connect. Following the breakfast, students will participate in informative workshops designed to help them navigate college life. Some of the workshop topics include Financial Literacy, Counseling, Mental/Physical Health, and Hidden Curriculum.
Please join us as we congratulate the new OUSD graduates on continuing their journeys to achieving educational excellence.

“Let us reach out together; let us teach together, and together we will touch the lives of countless children” Marcus Foster, Keynote Address 1971

Where: Laney College Student Center (There will be signs on the 7th street entrance leading up to the student center. Parking can be found in the student parking lot. Laney College is also accessible by AC Transit and Bart)

Donations: Any amount helps! This money will be allocated towards funding future scholarships, college matriculation workshops, and continued resources for the next generation of students.

Contact Liston Hulse, Scholarship Program Associate– or 510.858.2172

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