Making A-G Real Multimedia Award

The Making A-G Real Multimedia Scholarship award administered by MFEI is inspired by, and co-designed with, the Oakland Unified School District’s All City Council Student Union and their Making A-G Real campaign. For this award, OUSD 12th graders are asked to submit a multimedia proposal of their vision for how to transform the UC/CSU A-G requirements for college into more “real” requirements that Oakland students and schools need to thrive and be holistically ready for college.

The Oakland Unified All City Council Student Union has defined their vision for A-G under the following pillars:

  • Quality Teachers and Teaching
  • Student Supports (including social-emotional and academic supports)
  • Safety, Culture and Climate (what makes schools and students safe and able to thrive)

The applications for 2017 are in, and it is the community’s turn to vote for the applicants with the strongest proposals to “make A-G real” for Oakland students and schools.



Voting Period: April 1 – 14 2017

The applicant with the highest number of votes by 11:59pm on April 14th will be awarded a scholarship. All other applicants will be judged and selected by a committee of Oakland students from the All City Council Student Union.